About Us

About Us

Al Hafidhoon Academy was originally founded by Ustadh Safwaan in Luton in 2014. Alhamdulillah, it has been running successfully since with good feedback from both parents and students.

This Academy has been set up with the pure intention to benefit both Adults and children in their persuit to learn more about their religion. We aim to make our students experience with us as enjoyable and beneficial as possible as well as reward our students for their achievements.

September 2017, Qari Esa joined Ustadh Safwaan with plans to not only expand, but introduce new unique and efficient techniques to assist students excell in their studies.

Qari Esa went to Egypt at the age of 7 pursuing his and his parents desires to finishing the Qur'an. At the age of 10, he achieved his goal and started working towards his first Ijaza (Chain linked to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH to Allah) which he achieved at the age of 11. He decided to push for a stronger Ijaza in 2 different recitations of the Qur'an which he achieved at the age of 15 obtaining a total of 4 Ijazas in the Qur'an. He then moved to Makkah to persue his Islamic Studies knowledge studying in the Institute of Masjid Al Haraam in Makkah. In his time in Makkah, he came achieved the grade 'Excellent' in 3 Qur'an exams from Masjid Al Haraam. He was then chosen by his teacher to teach children the Qur'an inside Masjid Al Haraam Makkah.

We ask Allah to accept and bless this Academy and help spread the beauty of the Qur'an and our beauitful religion. Islam

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Greencoat House
261-271 Stratford Road
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Phone: 08000096879
Email: contact@alhafidhoonacademy.co.uk
Charity Number: 1178844